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Portuguese Water Dogs
Barb at home and Joyce at PWD CGCA

About the Breeder

We are Joyce Polak and Barbara Williams, lifelong friends with a shared love for Portuguese Water Dogs. We are active members of the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America, the United Sunshine States Portuguese Dog Water Dog Club, and the Jupiter Tequesta All Breed Dog Club. We have been involved with this breed for over 20 years. Our introduction to the breed was Barbara's first PWD from Farmion, the original importing kennel in the USA. Having fallen in love with the breed and in typical PWD owner fashion, Joyce was soon owned by another PWD.

Both now retired and living in Florida, our passion for the breed has continued, and we've expanded into conformation, water competition, rally, obedience, and agility. Classes are a regular weekly event for us and our dogs. PWDs like to be challenged with new activities and skills, and it truly helps develop a closer and better bond between dog and handler, and we have a great deal of fun. Our dogs live in the home, and when we have our occasional litters, the puppies are in the home as well. Activity and positive training is the key to a happy PWD and a happy owner.

We are a small hobby breeder that produce quality family dogs with emphasis on temperment, health, conformation and breed type. All of our dogs are fully health tested based upon the requirements of the PWDCA. We provide full health disclosure documents on all the dogs we breed. If you have an interest in this breed, we would love to talk to you about life with a PWD.  These dogs are fun, smart, loving, and can be a wonderful part of your family for years.  Portuguese Water Dogs are a member of the AKC Working Group, which means that as a working dog, they do need a “job” to keep them busy and happy. Activity and positive training is the key to a happy PWD and a happy owner.

Please make sure to do your research to ensure that this is the breed for you. The Portuguese Water Dog Club of America is the best place to start.