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Tino at 2014 PWDCA National Specialty
CH Tailspin Just A Gigolo, CGCA, RA, BN

Tino comes from a long line of amazingly sweet, loving temperaments and is a wonderful show dog who thrives on ring attention. He’s a large boned dog with a substantial head and muzzle and straight top line with a thick, full bodied, wavy coat. He is a proven producer of the same bone and temperament. Tino is an absolute joy to live with.

DOB: 9/26/2010
AKC #: WS35782103
Optigen Accession # 13-2492
PRA Normal/Clear
GM1 2511/27M GenotypicallyNormal
JDCM 1-1 Probable Normal
Optigen Improper Coat Normal
Thyroid Gold Cert # HML00227
Chic# 86624
DNA# V289777

Tasha at Gettysburg PWDCA National Specialty
GCH Seaworthy's Part of the Plan at PropheSea

Tasha exudes joy and happiness. She is a beautifully put together bitch, with an amazing thick coat, beautiful head, top skull, front/shoulder layback and rear. She also has a great time in the show ring with the “yipppeeee look at me, I’m having fun” attitude. Tasha enjoys every person and dog she meets and is a most endearing bitch with loads of funny antics and a teasing manner. She finished her championship very quickly.

DOB: 3/4/2013
AKC #: WS43413301
PW-EYE 549/16F-PI Normal, A3
PRA Optigen Acession #148827 Normal
GM1 Normal
OFA Hip Good
OFA Elbows Normal
Optigen IC Normal
JDCM #7265-1-1 Probable Normal

LaniLee on the Block Island Beach
CH PropheSea's Leather and Lace

Stevie is out of our Tasha and Drifter breeding. She embodies the best from these two wonderful PWDs. Stevie represents the true essence of the PWD standard for conformation with an effortless gait and the very best personality - Loving, happy, spirited and funny. She is our up and coming star.

STEVIE- PropheSea's Leather and Lace
LaniLee on the Block Island Beach
Ruff Wave Stella By Starlight

LaniLee - the beautiful, black, sleek creature of the dark. She had deep dark piercing eyes and a classic PWD structure and personality of the dogs of yesteryear. LaniLee was a highly intelligent PWD who had the ability to process complex tasks. She was PropheSea’s wild child. She taught us much.

Ruff-Wave Stella By Starlight
MaxiLu the Portuguese Fisherman’s Friend
Farmion's Maximum Girl

MaxiLu was Barb’s first, and started the long love affair the both of us have with this breed. She was from the original Farmion Kennels and was part of the SeaB litter. MaxiLu had the very best sense of humor and knew just how to work it.

Kai on Block Island
Ruff Wave The Lionhearted

Kai was a true statesman. He was confident, bouncy and had unbelievable restraint and control. Kai was known as the “Mayor of Wellelsey.” All the merchants in town knew of him and his incredibly good manners. He had open invitations into every shop even the gift and china shop. He was a wonderful dog assisting fearful and shy children.